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School camps

So I am sitting here trying to organise the junior high school camps. It is ridiculous really. We will only have 3 year 9 students, 2 year 8 students and 5 year 7 students joining the camps, but we’re determined to give them all amazing experiences.

A few years ago, I started the year 7s of going to Amed to do coral planting. We stopped at Tenganan traditional village (http://indonesiacultural.blogspot.com/2009/02/village-of-tenganan-in-bali.html)  to see the double-sided ikat weaving and then at Tirta Gangga (http://www.tirtagangga.nl/), where we enjoyed the beautiful surrounds and played games in the spring water pools. We then went up to Amed, where we snorkelled, learned all about the reef and planted coral (which is now flourishing). I had a ball and the kids learned so much. However, it was heartbreaking in Tenganan when I heard some of my students declare that all they had to do was step outside of their villa door to see Balinese culture (yes, the same kids from my past blog). Of course, this is not true. Tenganan is unique and amazing. The kids were also upset that I hadn’t planned our camp as a ‘holiday’. “Why?” they asked “do we have to LEARN STUFF???? This is supposed to be our HOLIDAY!!!!”  So, it turns out that the last teacher had been very well connected and took them to a 5 star resort for 3 days to sit around a pool and drink mocktails at 1/4 the cost of the hot fan-cooled rooms I’d managed to conjure up… However, by the end, we’d all had such a great time and all felt smarter for our ‘holiday’. So this has become the annual year 7 camp.

This year, year 8 want to go camping. All two of them. One boy and one girl. It should be interesting. Last year’s year 8s decided to just join the year 7s, but this year, the 2 year 8s are keen to do their own thing. I think it’s great. The plan had always been that year 8 go camping each year. It’s nice it is coming into fruition. I just hope they don’t get eaten alive by dengue mosquitoes.

Last year I did the most amazing Java trip with the year 9s. There were four of them. This year it will only be 3… but I still think it will be heaps of fun. Everyone is a bit worried though because of all the bombs and volcanoes and earthquakes in Java. Still, I’m prepared to risk it if they are. The other alternative is Tanah Toraja in Sulewesi. It is SUCH an amazing place, but I haven’t been for 17 years… so don’t feel confident.

I can’t believe the opportunities these kids are getting given. They are getting real-life experience and getting to see, first-hand, the places and things that they learn about in school. It really is amazing.

Posted on May/17/2011
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